Where we get our pieces from:

Lil Miimie sources it's clothing styles and pieces from a range of countries and manufactures around the world.

Our buying team purchases from a range of wholesalers in Thailand, India, China, Hong Kong and Vietnam.

The designs:

Lil Miimie does not design the pieces, we just wholesale purchase the pieces, like many other businesses do. We are however in the process of setting up and finding wholesalers here in Australia, as we would like to start supporting our local economy. 

Similar items:

In very rare cases, Lil Miimie, as well as a range of other business wholesaling product from wholesalers suppliers and manufactures around the world, can be at times faced with brands and designers reaching out stating the items we may be selling are similar to their designs.

At Lil Miimie, we under absolutely NO circumstance conduct, participate or support manufactures and wholesalers whom copy or come close to making items which originated similarly from a designer, artisan or brand.

If under any circumstance our team is brought to the attention of any form of product we have wholesale purchased and are selling - that goes against this, we will endeavour to remove and take down the item/s immediately, upon sufficient evidence is supplied (if required).

Our brand, Lil Miimie supports local businesses and will endeavour to work with them to provide the sufficient information of the original supplier and manufacture the item was purchased from, to try to help them stop the chain of continuous selling, as we do not under any circumstances support this type of business conducted towards designers, artisans and brands.

Although at Lil Miimie our brand endeavours to purchase only from suppliers and manufactures that offer wholesale legitimacy and although we do cast checks across numerous other sites to make sure those styles are not online across socials and branded websites, to ensure it is a original design directly owned by the manufacture, not someone else. It is extremely difficult to cover this 110% across the many styles purchased. 

Steps to take:

If you come across a design or style which is similar to a designer, brand or artisans pieces, please reach out directly to our team ASAP so that we can take the appropriate steps to remove the designs promptly and work with you to pass on as much information on the origin of where the items was purchased from by our team.

We just ask you please treat our team with the same respect you would like your team to be treated with. It can be extremely stressful for all parties involved, and as mentioned above, we try to work as best we can when sourcing our products from the manufactures we are supplied from, we will work promptly and efficiently in trying to remove the products as soon as possible and are more than willing to work with you to help provide the information of the original source we purchased the item/s from (evidence may be asked for, as well as a NDA must be approved for access to this information).