Ultimate Baby Shower Gifts All New Mums Need


What baby show gift should you should buy a new mum?

Discover our ultimate list of baby shower gifts, all new mums need.

Have you been invited to a baby shower…and have no idea what to buy the mum-to-be? Want to know what mums really need? At Miimie we have all the top buys that your new mum will really thank you for.

Muslin Wraps

You can really never have enough of them! Muslin wraps are amazing because they serve so many purposes at once – a swaddle, a blanket, cushioning for underneath bub in the pram, a cover for the pram to protect from light when they are sleeping and of course a cover for breastfeeding! An expecting mum may not know what to do with these at the time of receiving, but trust me she will later on when bub is born and she discovers the many uses of this one small item.

The Essentials

If you want to buy the most glamorous gift of all, then this one isn’t for you. We can tell you though, that these ‘essentials’ gifts may be the most useful for the new mum. If you are a mum yourself and have gone through the newborn stage before, you’ll know what we’re talking about here. Things like; barrier cream, bottles, mittens, socks or even a nappy bag! These are the things mums will need on a daily basis. 

A Gift for Her

The last trimester can be a long and draining process for many mums. Usually mums-to-be celebrate their baby shower in this time and so what better time to gift her a treat? A pampering session at a spa, a voucher for a pedicure or even a pregnancy massage will be just what she needs in those last few weeks. Even if the baby shower is hosted after bub is born, we can assure you that she will find time to use it eventually…and when she does, you’ll be thanked!

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