Must Have Baby Essentials To Have In Your Baby Bag


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Baby Essentials You Need To Have In Your Baby Bag

Not sure what to pack? Discover our list of top baby essentials to have in your baby bag today.


This one is obvious but is sometimes forgotten. Remember, you can never pack enough nappies! Even if you are going somewhere that you know you have nappies at, like your parent’s house, nappy changes can even happen on the way to their place – so pack at least a few to be safe.

Change of clothes (for you and bub!)

You may be aware of how many times bub’s outfit needs to be changed but many soon-to-be mums don’t pack extra changes of clothes for themselves. Your newborn is essentially attached to you, so it is likely that any spillages that happen on them may transfer to you too! Pack a couple of extra shirts and a pair of pants in your baby bag to be safe.

Muslin Wraps

Muslin wraps are amazing because they serve so many purposes at once – a swaddle, a blanket, cushioning for underneath bub in the pram, a cover for the pram to protect from light when they are sleeping and of course a cover for breastfeeding! So many uses in one item – so pack at least two in your baby bag.

Water and snacks

This one is for you, new mamas! You’ll find that usually once you have a baby bag, you usually don’t have your handbag on you as usual. So, packing some water and snacks for yourself in the baby bag can do wonders. As a new parent, it is easy to forget your own fundamental human needs like water and food. Let’s just say you’ll be very thankful when you find these items in your baby bag.

Comforting items

All babies are different in the comforting items they find the most attachment to. Whether your baby loves a dummy, blanket, soft toy or music, ensure to pack these items into the bag, because when baby is comfortable – everyone is more comfortable!

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