Essential Baby Clothes: When They First Come Home

Are you about to have your lil bubba soon? Then here are our top takeaway musT-have essential baby clothing pieces, every new mumma needs! Read on to discover the perfect clothing pieces to pack or have at home for your new bundle of joy. 

  • A ‘Coming-home’ outfit
    Something soft, warm, and photo-friendly to welcome your baby
  • Onesies
    Snap-crotch bodysuits simplify dressing
  • Stretchy pull-on pants 
    Pair with a snap-crotch shirt for an instant outfit
  • Snap-crotch T-shirts 
    Great for layering and they won't ride up!
  • T-shirts with side snaps 
    A warm layer that doesn't have to be pulled over the head
  • Sweater or jacket 
    For extra layering outside in the cooler months
  • Footed sleepers 
    Warm, soft, and comfortable 
  • Gowns with an elastic bottom 
    Easy-open bottom makes nighttime diaper changes easier
  • Hats and beanies
    For warmth and sun protection

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