Lil Miimie is now available for wholesale, worldwide, across our range of Lil Miimie designed products. This includes anything we've designed, all other generalised items on our store are currently unavailable for wholesale. 

To be eligible for Lil Miimie wholesale, you must understand and agree to the following:  

  • Be an opened up and running bricks and mortar, or online store. You must be able to provide evidence of your company or ABN of operation, as well as the location information of where you operate from/out of.
  • Our items cannot be drop shipped. They must be purchased and shipped to your designate location of operation and dispatched by yourself there.

  • Our branded logo must remain present on all wholesale products purchased. This is the material label in the collar or waistline of the garments and branding of the care instructions. These cannot be removed or replaced with your own. You can however, add your own store labels - this is the paper shopping tags with barcodes for Bricks and Mortar stores.


  • All stock must be purchased directly from us, on our home website: 
  • If there are Pre-orders for incoming products, it will state clearly next to the name of the product that they are pre-order and will have our Lil Miimie estimated warehouse arrival date, listed in the items description. Please allow up to 7-business days for processing of your order once the products arrive at our warehouse. As a wholesaler, you will receive priority and will receive monthly reminders of incoming stock and the opportunity to pre-order stock.

At Lil Miimie, we want to help you grow alongside us and our team. We thrive on providing you with beautifully created, thoughtfully made and ethically sourced products. All of our Lil Miimie designs are creations brought to life by our team, to provide something different to the market, offering something that appeals to everyone.

We treat you like family and will make sure all your questions are answered and you feel supported being a wholesaler of our Lil Miimie brand. We provide you with direct access via a shared dropbox link, to all of our professional photos to use in your marketing, website and socials, as well as access to website SEO friendly item descriptions, to help drive the success back to you and your store.

Being a wholesaler of Lil Miimie, you will receive:

  • An exclusive discount code which you can use on our Wholesaler webpage to make your purchases.
  • We have a small Min. order amount of just $150 per order.
  • FREE Shipping Aus-Wide! (International orders receive 50% discounted shipping fees calculated based on weight and dimensions of packages dispatched.)
  • Featured as a Stocklist on our Google Maps Stocklist page (Launching end of Feb 2023!)
  • Access to all product photos and description text for your website and socials.
  • You can make your orders as much, or as little as you like. There are no Wholesaler purchase terms, as we don't believe in that. We hope this helps you to not only test our quality and beauty of our well-known products, but also helps you to exclusively make sure you want to wholesale Lil Miimie to your customers. 

For a preview on what Lil Miimie products are available for Wholesale Click Here

We can't wait to see your brand wholesale Lil Miimie! Just fill in the form below to Apply Today or send us an email at: